Gone To The Dogs

Dogs, Dogs, and more Dogs

Why would any one family need six dogs? I’m not sure of the answer to that, but we are that family. Yes, we have six dogs! Our latest member is Ally. Isn’t she cute! We’ll get to her in a minute. Let me introduce you to the rest of our dog family and then maybe the six dogs won’t seem so…. odd???





Here is Vince: AKA:  Vinny

Vince has these incredible deep brown expressional eyes. When we are working the cows or sheep he will get in a spot where he can see all that is going on. He’ll lay down and cross his front paws one over the other. When the cows or sheep run by him he will look at you with those big brown eyes, “Hey, they’re over there, they just went by here.” He is absolutely no help!



This is Skaggs: AKA:  Puppy-Tongue-Too-Long

Skaggs’ tongue has hung out of his mouth when he sleeps since he was a puppy. Skaggs can sense thunder, gunshots, or any other potentially loud noise for 100 miles and heads running for the house. He has gotten tired of waiting for us to open the door and let him in so he does it himself. Yep, you read that right. He opens the front door and the sliding glass door when he is scared, cold or just wants in the house. Problem is… he doesn’t close it. We have come home many times to a door wide open.


Then there is Little Man:  AKA:  Ankle Biter

Little Man is my daughter’s chihuahua. His tongue has always hung out of his mouth ever since he was a puppy. At 4 ½ pounds, he is a force to be reckoned with. He will jump on my oldest son’s lap and then stand his ground and growl and bite when Isaiah tries to move him off. His bites would hurt if not for the fact his mouth is so small he can’t get much of you in it.



Marshmallow:  AKA Lushmallow

She belongs to my son Malachi. Her original name was Smarshmallow not because we were making up her name. That’s what the kids used to call marshmallows. Now that they are older both the white puffy treat and the dog have the correct pronunciation. I have seen this dog packed around at a birthday party by multiple kids and not grow tired of it. She is worth her weight in gold. Marshmallow is a rescue dog. She was found on the highway between Madras and Warm Springs.


Next comes Wally:  AKA Watermelon with Legs

Wally is also a rescue dog and belongs to my oldest son. Wally does not have a flexible bone in his body. When you pick him up it is literally like picking up a watermelon with legs – hence his nickname. Wally is an agreeable dog unless you disturb his sleep and then he’s a little grumpy.


That brings us to our newest member.


Ally: AKA Tornado Ally

Appropriately named Ally is ready, willing and able to explore any and everything that comes across her path- shoestrings, pant legs, socks, toes, kneecaps, backpacks, shirttails – you name it. We brought Ally home from a LaGrande area ranch with the purpose of training her to work the cattle and sheep. She is showing great promise in that area. She learns quick and is eager to please. Oh yeah, Skaggs has taught her how to open the front door. She hasn’t mastered the sliding glass door yet. However we’re working on getting her to close it!



What family needs six dogs? I guess our family does. Each one brings us great joy and has a special place in our hearts.

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