Cookies for Cookie

Serenity’s long awaited date to pick up her foal finally arrived. The hard work of those Friday nights sifting flour, cracking eggs, mixing butter and sugar, pouring in baking chips, packaging and labeling – to be ready to sell Saturday mornings at CROP Farmers Market was about to pay off. Before the sun rose, the family was on the road headed to the BLM Wild Horse Corrals in Hines, Oregon. It would be here that a 10 year old girl’s dream of having a foal would come true.

The brisk temperatures and blowing wind of southeast Oregon’s high desert were not going to squelch the excitement of the day. Through frozen fingers and cheeks as red as cherries, Serenity looked over pens of foals.



Then…she emerges from the herd. A small bay filly with a white star on her forehead – it was LOVE at first sight.

                Meet Cookie!

Serenity has made, bagged and sold approximately 2,500 cookies to pay for the first year and purchase of this little girl. Her daddy and I are SOOOO PROUD of her dedication and hard work.

The horses were sent through the loading shoots to check numbers before loading them in the trailer to bring home to Prineville. Serenity and 4 other young people would be adopting foals and working with Kitty Lauman’s Kids and Foal program.

The foals are kept at the Lauman’s horse facilities where the kids are able to work with them in a safe and successful environment. On the first day of training all of the kids were armed with bamboo poles. This is a desensitizing technique Kitty learned as a young girl from her grandfather John Sharp.


Here Serenity is receiving instructions on how to approach her new filly with the bamboo pole.


The kids work with their foals daily and will be ready to show them at the 2019 Crook County Horse Fair.



This Mamma’s heart sends a big THANK YOU to those of you who purchased cookies at the CROP Farmers Market this last summer. And for those of you who may have developed a cookie addiction – Serenity will be back to sifting, stirring and baking this summer. See you then!

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